Terms & Conditions

1. Taxi Fare
a) The User shall be liable to pay the Taxi fare as per the rates of booking to Taxi121.

b) The customer shall bear all taxes, service, octroi, parking charges, toll taxes or other Government levies on such service apart from the fare.

2. Cancellation of Booking
a) Once the Taxi Operator has been intimated about the booking any cancellation of the booking by the User shall be subject to the Cancellation policy of the Taxi121 and the User shall be liable to pay the Cancellation charges as per the said policies of the Taxi121.

3. Limits to performance
a) Taxi121 endeavour to provide the best service to the User and is committed towards being the best service provider in the field and shall be providing regular updates of its improvement during the term of this Agreement.

b) TAXI121 does not guarantee the results and the performance of the services which shall be governed by the independent policies of the Operators available as a link on the Application and also upon the availability of the taxi service in the area and neither does take the responsibility of its results and therefore cannot be bound by the results of the search of the taxi in the nearby area.

c) TAXI121 functioning is subject to the availability of a Calling/Internet Connection/3G network and Taxi121 shall not be responsible for any loss of signals and consequent failure in booking process or for the network being affected by any disconnections/viruses/Trojans or malwares.

4. Liability
a) The performance of this contract on behalf of the Taxi121 is limited to the extent of providing an option to be booked. However the same is also subject to the availability of a taxi nearby for the given destination and Taxi121 does not guarantee the availability on all routes or at all times.

b) Upon such confirmation the taxi operator shall be independently responsible for performing the service and shall be present at the designated pick up place for performance of services.

c) Taxi121 shall not be liable for any loss of goods or theft during the journey and that shall be the responsibility of the User and shall be governed by the law of the land.

5. Call Centre
a) Taxi121 provides a dedicated Call Centre Service as part of the limited and exclusive use of TAXI121 and if any User happens to come across any inconvenience, the said User can address the query to the Call Centre on +91 9999 121 121.

b) Taxi121 shall endeavour to sort out any query and provide the requisite assistance/information for using the Application, booking taxis, cancellation, contacting the particular taxi operator.

c) Taxi121 shall also note the individual feedbacks of particular Taxi Operators or about TAXI121 and shall display the same over the application.

d) However Taxi121 does not take the responsibility of sorting all sorts of grievances faced during the performance of the taxi operators for which the User shall only have a cause of action against the particular taxi operator.

6. Third Party Software
a) If the Application contains any software provided by third parties, such third party's software is provided "As Is" without any warranty of any kind and shall be subject to any and all limitations and conditions required by such third parties.

7. Indemnity
a) User agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Taxi121 and its directors, officers, shareholders, licensors, employees, agents, and representatives, from and against all claims, losses, costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees) arising out of any violation of the terms of this Terms and Conditions.

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